There's a new yarn store in town!

This is the perfect time of year to come out to the Coast and sink your hands into quiet work. For some it might be a good book, and for those of us who are creative and cannot sit still, knit and crochet projects are the way to go. Fortunately there is a brand new yarn store in Seaside!

This is Allie Kloster of Seaside Yarn and Fiber. She is very friendly and helpful and was kind enough to show us around her store.

We were so enamored with the yarn selection and their absolutely perfect names. Like this variegated yarn, called Stormwatcher! It’s hand-dyed and made in the USA! It seems like the perfect yarn to stitch up something snuggly in either the bar next door, called The Whet Spot or to take across the street to the coffee shop across the street, Seaside Coffee Roaster. If you are a morning person the coffee shop is best and stay open until around 5. If you’re a night owl The Whet Spot is the place for you!

Here’s another yarn we love. Even when the surf isn’t up, there is always yarn!!!! This one is 80% superwash and 20% merino wool.

Seaside Yarn and Fiber have wool roving so that you can work on felting projects. Also a perfect rainy day activity.

Have you ever done nuno felting? This piece featured in their store is nuno felted. Nuno is a Japanese word that means cloth. How do we know this? We are artists and love all the mediums. The technique for nuno felting is using a natural fabric: silk or thin cotton and adhering the wool roving to the fabric for a very lightweight beautiful garment.

They also have lots cool arts and craft supplies. Everything from markers, to fun notebooks.

They also have crafting supplies for the kids. They have buttons, small sized acrylic paints, felt balls and so much more! Off to the right is the right is their workshop space. We want to take a class in the future!

They also have random awesomeness! Like this purse that is imported from Thailand that was totally affordable! Everywhere we go people ask us about this little handbag. Of course we also bought some yarn and we cannot wait to go back to get more!

Seaside Yarn and Fiber is located at 10 N. Holladay Drive, Seaside. They are only open half time, so plan accordingly - hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information call 503-717-5579 or visit to

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