Resident Artist's Experience

Recently we had Vera Pashkevich, a working photographer, stay with us for an artist residency. She stayed for 10 days, in room 4 which has a queen bed and twin bed in a side room connected to room 4. While she was stayed at the inn she had a number of other artist come to stay with her for collaborative projects. We asked Vera what her goals were for her time with us. This is what she had to say:

“I had two primary goals for this residency: one was to establish a consistent workflow with painting, which is a relatively new medium to me. Within painting, I’ve been working on a series of masked portrait studies (which came from an interest in the symbolism of masks/a desire to capture this moment in history).

My other goal was within photography, (the primarily medium). My personal work is a blend of atmospheric portraiture and magical realism as a vehicle for expressing emotion through narrative work. I invited several collaborators to stay with me, including Kaytee Papusza, a wardrobe designer with a similar interest in folklore, mythology, and visual storytelling. The shots we shared are inspired by spirituality and a connection with the ocean. Kaytee’s work is an uncommon take on the fashion industry, often involving recycled/organic material in pieces of wearable art.”

We loved having Vera stay with us. If you'd like to stay with us for a residency please contact us for more information. 503.738.7825.

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