Coastal Hideaway

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The Inn is currently closed to tourists. We are meeting the needs of local workers as well as displaced residents.

Peace, Quiet & Respite is waiting for you at the Starry Night Inn. We have reduced our prices because we understand that people want to get out of the house, but they may not have as much disposable income during this pandemic.

Rooms: $50 + fees

Cabins: $50 + fees

Artist residency: $35 + fees, four or more nights in the Victorian Lodge

We have increased our safety standards during this Coronavirus outbreak, here are the facts as we know them and here is what we are doing to prevent its spread.

  1. We are using 91% proof isopropyl alcohol on doorknobs, front and back of doors and light switches. Cleaning all surfaces, laundering all fabrics that can be laundered, and spraying down ones that can't.

  2. Our staff are healthy and are practicing safety standards such as vigorous hand washing/sanitizing, wearing gloves, and social distancing.

  3. When you check in or out, there is no need to make physical contact with the innkeeper. Your payment, if by card, is taken care of by the innkeeper virtually.

  4. Cabins have their own private entrance, so you needn't worry about coming into contact with anyone else.

  5. In the Victorian Lodge, our common area is currently unavailable. If you would like snacks or drinks, such as coffee, contact us and we would be more than happy to bring it to your room. 503.738.7825

  6. Our infrared sauna is also unavailable at this time.

  7. If you feel that you need any increased measures for your health and safety, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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