Book Your Artist Residency Now!

Did you know that we offer an artist residency?

Artist’s, curators and academics need a place to contemplate their work, make notes or just get some new inspiration.

The Starry Night Inn is the perfect place to stay for your next residency. The winter months are such a beautiful time at the Coast.

The walls are adorned with art in every room at the inn. Each room has lots of creative touches to whet your artistic palette. Best of all, we are just blocks from the ocean. Flowing water in general gives our brains a break from the constant overstimulation of life and technology.

The ocean can stimulate a meditative state, inspire us to feel more compassionate and connected, it helps improve our creativity. In our screen-saturated world we don’t get the kind of mental breaks that we need.

Great ideas don’t happen overnight. They take time to develop. They require looking, listening and feeling all that is inside and outside of us. Your senses will get the break and the right stimulation to generate your best ideas. Come stay with us and find that EUREKA! moment that you’ve been hoping for. Let the muse find her way to you through our residency program!

Curating your ideas and work is so important and slowing down enough to really contemplate your ideas is hard when you’re in the middle of the your life. It’s a rat race out there sometimes, but it’s so peaceful at the coast.

You can park your car and never have to drive once you’re here. You have coffee and tea in your cabin and there are grocery stores within walking distance. There are plenty of eateries, coffee shops and bars that are just blocks from the inn.

You can stay in our cabins for seven days for $400 + a cleaning fee and 13% lodging tax. This works out to $57 a day! (minimum of four days)

There is even an organ in our sauna room! Whether you’re a professional musician or a hobbyist we have so many spaces to stimulate your creativity!

Although we do offer online bookings, to receive this offer, please call or text, and we can set up this custom-made reservation just for you. 503.738.7825.

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