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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Experiences are what you make of them. People have a vision of warm beaches and sand, but the cool coast has just as much to offer.

December and January are slower months at the Oregon coast, which offers many benefits to our guests. We have our lowest prices of the year, no other coastal property can beat our prices. There are far less tourists in the winter time, which makes the city feel like you're on your own private movie set. The sunsets feel custom-made for your, the walk downtown is for your benefit. The seagulls caw to you, no lines in restaurants or shops, its a custom-made experience for you.

Book your stay directly with us and save.

If you are a person who doesn't like cold weather or a little rain from time to time, you can hole up at the inn, reading books, playing board games, warm up in our infrared sauna, or enjoy complementary house infused liquor. We have record players and records, a TV/VCR and cult classic VHS tapes, bluetooth speaker and a few art supplies available on loan. So whether you snuggle in with a good book, a cocktail or tea, you can even sit on our front porch with our propane heater and as many blankets as you need as you while away the hours. You can also view all of our amenities here.

Artists can take advantage of our artist residency in December and January and book a minimum of four days at $140 total + fees or $35 a day + fees and develop their craft. When you are here for an artist residency, you can take advantage of, brisk walks and walk down towards the ocean. The ebb and flow of the ocean's movements helps ignite creative potential. There are many other catalysts to spark your creativity at the inn. We have a murder of crows, who love to be fed daily, one in particular who is gimpy, calls all of his crow friends when it is feeding time. If you want to observe this phenomenon let us know, because we have crows that will feed off of nearby posts so you can get up close views. Whether you want to view crows for art purposes or just out of curiosity, this is just one of the unique art experiences that you will find at the inn.

Please feel free view further information about our artist residency program.

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