Artist Bio

I graduated from Portland State University with a B.A. in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking in 2002. Many years and lots of hard work later, I now spend much of my time painting in my home studio in Portland, Oregon.  I am also a Reiki Master and I use Reiki in the creation of my art and combine the two to help others find deep inner healing in private sessions, workshops, and retreats. When I am not working, I am raising a preschooler and a teenager, meditating, hula hooping, and seeking joy in every possible moment.

Artist Statement


I seek out the beauty in every woman and use that vision to create unique mixed media art.  The finished pieces are a Utopian vision of inner beauty manifested; they serve as a reminder to take care of yourself, to find moments of peace, kindness, and self-love.  I often paint directly on wood, so the wood grains help to inform the finished piece.