To book any of the events listed below, all you have to do is reserve a room during the dates listed and we will be in touch to add you to the event!

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January 24th - 26th
Alter Ego - Wardrobe Revamp & Naked Lady Party 


Cabins:  $189.50 All Fees Included
Rooms:  $126.34 All Fees Included

Taught by Jen Neitzel 

It's a new year, and you know what that means! Out with the old and in with the new! Bring your tired clothes with you for a New Years refresher, either to alter or exchange! We will be hosting a Naked Lady party under the guidance of Innkeeper Jen Neitzel who formally reconstructed clothing for a living! She will work with you on sewing machines and sergers to revamp your closet, alter ill-fitting garments and add embellishments. Learn the art of sock darning and sashiko, a Japanese embroidery technique for repairing textiles and decorating fabric. We will provide the sewing machine, serger, thread, wine and some clothes for the clothing exchange. We encourage you to bring your own clothing to exchange and items to repair. The rest is about relaxing and restoring yourself and your wardrobe. Let your creativity flourish!



February 7th - 9th 
Valentines Craft Wine & Beer Crawl

Free Event + Lodging fees


Taught by Anastasia Corya & Jen Neitzel - Innkeepers

Come visit us with your partner, or stop by for a solo self care vacation! You bring the love and we'll do the rest. Join us at the Valentine making table to make cards for your boo (your friends, and even your pets!), and enjoy our insiders guide to our favorite Seaside haunts! While you're here, cozy up in the sauna with your honey, check out our personalized Craft Wine & Beer Crawl map, and get your creative juices flowing at our Valentine's Mimosa Bar. Serving love, relaxation, and bubbly all weekend. 


March 6th - 8th,

April 10th - 12th,

May 1st - 3rd 
Date Night; We babysit, You Relax

Cabins:  $40 Kid Class + Lodging = $290
Rooms:  $40 Kid Class + Lodging = $240 ($215 for only March)

​When you book 2 nights make a note, that you would like to participate in this event

$40 cash payment may be paid upon arrival

When you book two nights at the inn during the dates listed above, we will watch your kids on the applicable Saturday so you can have a stress free evening with your partner during your beachside vacation! From 5pm-11pm on Saturday evening, we will host art, games, and movies with your children aged 4-15 years old (and tuck them in when possible!) Give yourself some much needed alone time with the piece of mind that your children are nearby and safe, and having a blast!

Art Project Schedule
March - Tie Dye
April - Terrariums
May - Bath Bombs (Gifts for Mother's Day).


Past Events

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October 4th - 6th 
Yin Yoga Self-Care Retreat

Early Bird Special: Only $299 for Event + Lodging & Healthy Meals!

(Offer only applies if booked by Sept 6th )

Taught by Meg Satterthwaite - Yoga Instructor

Fall back into yourself as we welcome the season of autumn. This restorative, yin yoga retreat is designed with you in mind to bring you back to yourself and rediscover what makes you YOU. If you feel like you are over-extending yourself, or that you are constantly taking care of others and don't have enough time for yourself - this retreat is for you. Together we will take the time to tune out the world and tune in to ourselves - releasing physical and emotional tension as we peel back the layers to uncover our truest self. Friday, October 4th through Sunday, October 6th join us as Meg Satterthwaite, yin yoga instructor and nutritionist, guides us in enjoying a weekend of movement, meditation, healthy nourishing meals, and more! Together we will intentionally begin the season of autumn, the season of letting go of what we no longer need so that we can make space for what is to come.

December 6th-8th

Holiday Gift Making Retreat

Cabins:  $40 Class + Lodging = $290
Rooms:  $40 Class + Lodging = $240

When you book 2 nights make a note, that you would like to participate in this event
$40 cash payment MUST be paid upon arrival

Taught by Anastasia Corya - Innkeeper

The holidays and holiday shopping can be so stressful, come to the coast to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts and make handmade gifts for the holidays. Make bath bombs and liquor infusions to give as gifts (possible combinations include orange cranberry vodka, peppermint vodka, apricot whiskey, and maple whiskey). We will guide you to shops that offer fantastic stocking stuffers, vintage one of a kinds, and special holiday offers; not to mention the Nike and Pendleton outlets! Before you head home wrap up your goodies at our fancy wrapping station and leave feeling accomplished and relaxed. 

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