Artist Statement

Caroline Green, known as the Twilight Painter has over 10 years experience as a working artist in the Pacific NW. Green uses glazing techniques in both oil and acrylic to create beautifully intriguing layered paintings with saturated color pallets. These pieces really change the ambiance to any room.

Green’s landscapes are inspired by the Pacific NW environment,  incorporating  native foliage and trees such as Douglas Firs, Lodgepole pines and ferns. Green usually includes a local animal of some kind in each piece such as deer, owls, bears or wolves. Several of her pieces are based on real locations within the Pacific Northwest. Green has a strong passion for our environment and animals which she shows through her work.


While Green works mostly on landscapes, she also has a large catalog of animal portraits which range from photorealism to abstract styles. Each piece is created to be 100% unique. These examples can be found in her visual portfolio available to view through her website under “Complete Works”. Green donates a percentage of all animal portraits to various animal non -profit organizations.


Green enjoys staying active in the art community and has worked as the Vice President and Curator for the Gresham Art Committee in 2015, and as a volunteer at Peoples Art of Portland Gallery from 2013-2016.

Green’s  work has been featured on IFC’s “Portlandia” in several episodes, look for them in Seasons 6 and 8.


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