Artist Statement 

Under the name BoneWerx, Alea Bone creates mixed-media assemblage art from found objects and upcycled materials.  Vintage beer cans, scavenged bottle caps, reclaimed denim, leather and velvet are transformed into unexpected combinations. Inspired by the alternative sub-cultural aesthetics of Day of the Dead, Voodoo, Punk and Beer, she blurs the lines between the sacred and the profane, creating her own edgy and irreverent version of a new American folk art.

A commitment to working with discarded objects gathered on a daily basis from the streets of Beervana has led to a focus revolving around beer culture. Usually considered mundane, beer cans and bottle caps have a kitschy charm that evokes a cozy, familiar feeling. Whether you partake or not, beer culture and the role it plays in our individual histories is something we can all identify with and relate to on some level. Whether it’s the brand your grandpa always had on hand or the beer you shoplifted when underage, the memories connected to old beer labels tend to stir up nostalgia for simpler times, old bands, dive bars, youthful rebellion.

A Portland resident for 23 years, with a BFA from The Pacific Northwest College of Art Alea has shown in numerous galleries throughout Oregon as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles.