The Starry Night Inn is a six room boutique villa. The Victorian Lodge has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a mini-fridge. Our lobby offers a shared hang-out/work space, a dining area with treats and a microwave. Alongside the house we have three studio-style cabins featuring gas fireplaces with sitting and dining areas that includes a coffee maker, a mini-fridge, a microwave and dishware for simple meal preparation. To view all of our amenities, click here.


Each room in the hotel, including the lobby, dining room, and walls leading up to rooms feature art from several Portland, Oregon artists. For artists interested in participating in our artist residency program, click here. We also have several outdoor gathering spaces with fire pits, a propane grill, and smoking areas. There is a covered porch with an outdoor propane heater that is perfect for people watching and chilling out. We have an indoor/outdoor lounging space behind the Victorian Lodge that boasts a infrared sauna, games, an ample seating area and tea fix ins.


The mood of this hotel feels timeless, sophisticated, even elegant but in slightly bohemian way. The owners of the hotel have an eye for detail, so don’t be surprised if you hear records spinning from the lobby, see fresh flowers in vintage vases and smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the dining room.

The Owners

The innkeepers at the Starry Night Inn, Anastasia Corya & Jen Neitzel, are best friend Aquarians. The duo worked on the initial concept for this hotel for almost a year. They attended business classes, and worked with teams of college students to fine tune their ideas. Both women love brainstorming creative ideas and are serial entrepreneurs.

Anastasia is sharp-minded, artistic, and a fan of a mixed cocktail. She is passionate about creativity and the people she loves. She enjoys dancing and has been known to jangle a tambourine from time to time. She established the Delta Cafe in Portland, Oregon in 1995, from the initial concept to the entrees, she was involved in every step of the way. Next she went on to start Miss Delta, in the Mississippi neighborhood, also located in Portland, Oregon. From there she helped revamp a travel trailer hotel called the Sou'Wester. Anastasia has always had an affinity for the arts, but specifically for shrines and alters, which she has crafted and sold around Portland, Oregon. Now she is using her extensive business experience at the Starry Night Inn. 

Jen enjoys story telling, whether its expressed through music, photography, social media, writing, etc. there is always a narrative she can't wait to reveal. She sings and plays ukulele in an all female band, called Xmelt. She started her company Knot Ugly in 2001 and following that, Jen published  several crochet patterns. One of her patterns was featured on the cover of Stitch n' Bitch: The Happy Hooker. She also started DIY Lounge and co-founded Jen & Jocelyn. All of these, were creative handmade businesses which taught her a great deal about business itself. Jen sold her wares at many handmade sales, including Crafty Wonderland. She was so inspired by Crafty Wonderland, she went on to organize her own sales: Bargain Hunting and Give Handmade. Another business experience she had, the Maven Circle, was an online life coaching company. She found that she enjoys social media and generally being an entertainer and she is looking forward to putting those skills to use at the Starry Night Inn.